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Despite the publication of the Commission on Patient Safety and Quality Assurance report in 2008, Ireland has experienced a number of high-profile health and social care incidents in recent years. These incidents have raised questions in the minds of service users about the actual standard and rigour of quality management in Irish health and social care settings. Examples of these incidents include The Leas Cross Report and The Tallaght Hospital Investigation Report.  The reports that arose following investigations into each of these incidents continue to play a significant role in shaping Government policy and highlighting the necessity for change and better standards of service provision.

At central level, policy-makers and commissioners are demanding that services tangibly demonstrate person centeredness and deliver quality outcomes for service users regardless of setting. This requires proper compliance and implementation of provisions contained in legislation such as the Health Act 2007, and in policy documents such as “Future Health”, and the “Value For Money and Policy Review” in the Disability Sector.  Moreover, compliance with standards and policy implementation is now intrinsically linked to funding, thereby placing the quality agenda at the heart of the organisation’s potential sustainability.

In essence, pressure on service providers to maintain appropriate standards is immense and very often these must be delivered against a backdrop of fewer available resources. Increased statutory interest, increased regulatory scrutiny, and increased public expectations mean services providers must now balance these “External” pressures with a number of “Internal” realities such as resource constraints, capability and skill deficits and proper governance and safety requirements.

Notwithstanding the reality of these considerable pressures, our experience shows that focusing on quality in a holistic way, will not only deliver positive outcomes for service users, but it will also result in crucial efficiencies and cost savings. Identifying deficiencies at both organisational and operational levels will not only improve the quality and standard of services provided, but it will also improve the organisation’s sustainability.Healthcare consulting

What Will Prospectus Do?

Prospectus will work with you and your designated team to identify gaps and blocks to deliver a quality service. We will work with your team to consider and address both the internal and external pressures and requirements outlined in the diagram above and in doing so ensure your organisation is regulatory compliant, efficient and delivering better quality outcomes for service users. There is also the importance of ensuring greater public confidence in the overall health system and individuals and that patients are actually in receipt of quality assured care.

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How Will Prospectus Do This?

Our robust four-phase process will determine the current state of your service and identify what might need to be done to ensure it is consistent with appropriate standards and good practice for your setting.

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Phase One – Diagnostic, here we will clearly establish the ‘As Is’ situation. This will be done through both expert observation and detailed interviews. During this phase we would examine elements of your service and compare it against existing legislative frameworks, regulations and relevant standards applicable to your setting.

Phase Two – Analysis, using the information collated during the first phase we will then undertake detailed analysis to establish any ‘gaps’ that might exist between current and ideal practice. Once this exercise has been completed we will then work with your team to establish a Quality Improvement Plan that will enable you to bridge any gaps that might exist.

Phase Three – Implementation, having developed a robust plan we will then work with you to implement the plan. This will involve supporting you in making any necessary changes in order to ensure the quality agenda and the needs of the service users remain at the fore of the organisation whilst maintaining a cost efficient service.

Phase Four – Continuous Improvement, Prospectus will work with your organisation to develop and undertake systematic review processes to ensure that standards and compliance are being maintained and continuously improved upon.