David W Duffy


Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) Trinity College Dublin, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland MBA, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland

Areas of Expertise
  • Visioning
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Governance Structures and Processes
  • Business Planning and implementation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Operational Review and Implementation

Key Achievements
Since founding Prospectus in 1991 I have been involved in numerous projects in many sectors of the economy, including healthcare, life sciences, education, financial services, energy, food, philanthrophy and the public and non-profit sectors. I have led the development of:

  • Strategies and implementation plans for multinational and national companies, publicly funded bodies and entrepreneur led.
  • Mergers and acquisitions within Ireland and cross border for a range of organisations in energy, financial services and the state sector.
  • Governance and organisation reviews for hospitals, philanthropic organisation, foundations, educational organisations, specialised medical organisations, state organisation, financial services companies not for profit etc.
  • Published a book on Corporate Governance called “The Management of Management, a practical guide to Corporate Governance”.
  • I founded the Visions for Ireland Think Tank in 2011.

Case Studies

Major Maternity Hospital

Title: Review Hospital against the recommendations made in the HIQA report on AMNCH

Date: 2012

About the organisation:

The hospital is based in Dublin and produces over 9,000 babies a year.

Project Description:

The primary objectives of the assignment were to :
•    Assess where the hospital was against the recommendations made in the HIQA report on AMNCH
•    Carry out a review of the performance of the Board
•    Assess how the hospital compares against the “Leadership Governance and Management” theme in the National Standards for Safer Better Health Care.
•    Develop an implementation plan to implement changes required from the work above.
The scope covered both corporate and clinical governance. The project involved interviewing Board Members, senior management, consultants, nurses, midwives and patients, reviewing documented processes.

Key learnings or insights from the project:

The hospital had a great tradition of providing the best of care to mothers and babies down through the centuries. This ethos of care was manifested in the values of the hospital and the pride and care taken by all staff to ensure the health of the mother and baby was of paramount importance at all times.

The challenge for the hospital will be in adapting to the new national standards and all that will go with the requirements for the forthcoming hospital licencing.

Fertility Clinic

Title: Development of Strategy and Governance Review

Date: 2011

About the organisation:

The clinic is one of the largest in Ireland and has been at the forefront of innovation in IVF and associated developments since its inception.

Project Description:

This project involved detailed research about the Irish fertility market: the size, services and competitor position. The project also covered key international trends. This information provided key insight into the development of a strategy for the organisation in an increasingly competitive marketplace. To assist the clinic compete, the current governance structures were reviewed and modified accordingly.

Key Learning or Insights from the project:

The process helped to move the organisation from thinking about providing a valued service to a client base, to providing customised services to a competitive market. This helped to sensitise the management team to the appropriateness of the services provided and the associated profit margin.

The change in the Governance structures to those with a more commercial orientation helped to facilate the implementaion of better reporting practices and a clearer sense of who was responsible for what in the organisation.

Member based organisation in financial services

Title: Strategy and Governance Review

Date: 2012

About the organisation:

The organisation represents a major segment of the Irish Financial Services sector. It’s prime purpose is to shape and influence government policy on behalf of its members and their customers.

Project Description:

The project involved conducting one-to-one discussions with Board members, who were all CEOs of major financial institutions on the strategic and governance issues facing the organisation. The outcome of this process was a fundamental refocus on the organisation’s core purpose, its vision and the supporting strategic objectives and actions. In addition the governance of the organisation was overhauled to ensure that the key decision makers in the industry, the CEO’s had a direct role in the future direction of the organisation.

Key Learning or Insights from the Project:

The role of the voluntary board members in a membership based organisation is fundamental in ensuring that its core purpose and mission is relevant or else it will cease to add value to its members. The CEO will only be as good as the Board, if the Board loses sight of what is important then the CEO is likely to as well.

  • Council Member of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce
  • Institute of Management Consultants & Advisers
  • Institute of Directors
  • The Ireland Funds (Board Member)
  • American Chamber of Commerce

Contact details
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  • Direct: + 353 1 290 2804
  • Office: + 353 1 290 2800
  • Email:
  • Fax: + 353 1 290 2899