HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme

In 2011, Prospectus supported the CPP to develop a new five-year strategy. During the implementation of this strategy, the CPP experienced a recruitment embargo. The CPP engaged with Prospectus to review staffing requirements to fully deliver on the strategy and also to consider refinements to the existing organisational structure based on the requirements of the 2012 – 2016 strategy.

Health Service Executive

Prospectus supported the HSE in the development of a ‘National Action Plan for Palliative Care Services’. A holistic, system-wide, approach was taken to addressing the level of need, building on the content of both The Report of the National Advisory Committee on Palliative Care, 2001 and the HSE Audit of Palliative Care Service Provision, 2007, conducted by each of the four HSE Areas, in conjunction with Area Development Committees.  The final strategy outlined the required actions and initiatives necessary to address the gaps in palliative care service provision, against the recommendations set out in the NACPC Report. The National Action Plan is published on the HSE website.

HSE National Review of Critical Care Services

Prospectus conducted a National Review of Adult Critical Care Services in the Republic of Ireland.  This large scale project required an in depth review of the current service, including visiting every hospital in Ireland with a critical care service, and undertaking a detailed data collection process.  Following analysis of international practice, and a modelling exercise to project future demand, a proposal for the future design of critical care services was developed.   The proposed future model included recommendations on type and distribution of services, staffing, education, work practices, transport, quality, and audit.


A joint HSE and Prospectus Task Force conducted a national needs assessment of residential care services for older people taking into account current developments such as home care packages, growth in private sector capacity, the geographic spread of demand and supply and other related assumptions. The Task Force were charged with determining how many new beds would be required in order to reach a medium term target of 4% of the over-65 population in long-stay residential care.

Subsequently, a joint HSE and Prospectus Working Group was established to commence the development of detailed implementation proposals based on the Needs Assessment Report. The purpose of this work was to “operationalise” the findings of the Needs Assessment Report for each of the HSE’s 4 Regions and develop implementation proposals, making specific recommendations to address the areas of immediate priority need.