Linda Kearns


BComm, University College Dublin.
MSc International Consultancy and Business Policy, The University of Reading, UK.

Areas of Expertise
  • Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation
  • Healthcare and Business Planning
  • Governance
  • Business Case Development
  • Project Management
  • Evidenced-Informed Healthcare

Key Achievements
Since joining Prospectus in 2010 I have worked with many healthcare providers, partners and regulators at both a strategic and operational level. My achievements include:

  • Assisting a range of healthcare providers to develop Strategic and Business Plans
  • Implementing a staff performance planning and development system in a major Dublin hospital
  • Successfully developing position papers to support the deferral of organisation rationalisation for a number of health system regulators

Case Studies

Healthcare Provider Joint Working Group

Date: On-going since 2010

About the organisations:

The Joint Working Group is a collaborative initiative that comprises of five member hospitals which, between them, provide services across the North Dublin health system

Project Description:

Since 2010, Prospectus has facilitated a Joint Working Group which consists of the senior management of five large hospitals in Dublin. The purpose of the group is to assist the healthcare partners in thinking strategically about possible collaborative opportunities. As Project Manager, my role is to ensure the development and implementation of an annually agreed work programme which involves co-ordinating, preparing and facilitating working sessions. I am also responsible for delivering agreed work programme components such as developing a collaborative business case for sharing service delivery, analysing research collaboration opportunities, responding to relevant Government policy announcements and the exploration of clinical services reconfiguration opportunities amongst the hospitals.

Key learnings or insights from the project:

My role in this initiative has provided me with a deeper appreciation of the need for healthcare providers to work together to achieve significant benefits for both their organisations and their patients. Although I have had many positive experiences throughout this initiative I would consider the following aspects to be our key achievements:
•    Providing a platform whereby healthcare partners can engage with each other on a strategic and operational level
•    Ensuring the expansion of the Joint Working Group to include new member hospitals
•    Developing and managing a joint research conference which focused on the importance of collaborative research.

Dublin Maternity Hospital

Title: Strategy Implementation

Date: 2012 – present

About the organisation:

Our client is a Voluntary Maternity hospital that has a long history of providing obstetric, gynaecology and fertility services to women and their families in the Dublin area.

Project Description:

Following the development of a Strategic Plan by Prospectus for a large Dublin maternity hospital, I am currently managing the implementation of the three year plan across the hospital. My role involves working with the Executive Management Team and Board members on various aspects of the Strategic Plan including organisational review, quality and safety planning, stakeholder engagement, clinical services planning and the development and implementation of a performance development system for hospital staff.

Key Learning or Insights from the project:

Our client provides services to women and babies in a highly demanding environment. Assisting our client to respond to an increasingly complex health system by supporting them in the development and implementation of their Strategic Plan is a rewarding experience. In addition, working to put the hospital’s staff at the centre of the organisation through the implementation of a performance development system confirmed the importance of communicating to staff the value of their contribution to the organisation in difficult economic times.

Contact details
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  • Direct: + 353 1 290 2807
  • Office: + 353 1 290 2800
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