Bid Management Services

The healthcare system is seeking to do more for less.  This has and will lead to opportunities for organisations to bid for contracts from the DOH and the HSE and perhaps in private healthcare as well.  The need to seek better value for money by Government is providing opportunities for organisations to bid for scale multi year tenders in anything f rom specialist screening services, imaging to functional services such as legal services.

It is likely that more services will be insourced / outsourced in future as the DOH and the HSE in particular seek greater efficiencies in all that they do.

In tandem with the above, the DOH and the HSE are also seeking to improve and further professionalise their approach to procurement both on a national and regional basis. The scale of change planned in the Irish Healthcare System over the next 5 years means that there will be many changes in personnel and structures that will make it difficult for bidders to understand the procurement landscape.

The creation of hospital groups in particular will pose many challenges for those trying to sell into a fast changing healthcare system.

A successful bid for scale project requires detailed planning and preparation many months before the tender document is actually issued.  If an organisation does nothing until then is it likely it will be unsuccessful. Our aim in working with clients is to ensure that they are as well prepared as they can be.

We can provide the following services:

  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
    An essential part of any bid is understanding the bid context, the business rationale and the process involved in developing the tender documents. For many tenders it will be the first time that this tender has gone to market.

Understanding the background to any bid is fundamental to being able to respond. To assist in this process we can help to develop a stakeholder map of all the parties that are likely to have an influence on the shape of the bid and perhaps in adjudicating on it.

Based on this map, we will develop a stakeholder engagement plan which will help the client understand the context in more detail and to help shape the bid response.

  • Partner Identification
    Some bids may require other partners to make the bid more compelling and / to help deliver the bid.  We can work with the client to identify these partners, effect introductions and help in developing the bid team.
  • Bid development and management
    We can assist with the development of the bid, identify potential competition, their positioning and USP’s.  This will assist in the clients own bid positioning and the pricing of the bid. We can also develop the bid document and draw on our in-depth knowledge of the healthcare system to ensure that we can point to a deep understanding of the operational environment in which the bid will be delivered.We also can help to project manage the bid process for clients and assist the bidder in “Competitive Dialogue” situations to ensure they are well prepared for each phase.