Change Management

Our focus on ensuring strategic decisions can be applied means we have developed extensive expertise in supporting clients through complex and challenging change processes. Using our purpose built Change Readiness Assessment Tool we can quickly determine your organisation’s propensity to change and decide on the most appropriate courses of action to get your organisation to where you want it to be.

Case Study: Change Management


Prospectus were engaged to support the implementation of an organisation’s strategy and more specifically carefully manage the considerable change management requirements that existed. The organisation in question had already experienced significant change following a number of mergers. This had resulted in diverse corporate cultures and inconsistent operational arrangements being in place. Our job was to help change this to ensure everyone working towards the shared vision for the organisation and doing so in a consistent fashion.

What We Did

Applying our experience in deploying change methodologies we systematically worked through the following elements to gauge the “As Is” situation before developing the “To Be” requirements:

  • Organisational and governance structures
  • Leadership focus and definition
  • Learning and development objectives
  • Measuring performance
  • Business approaches
  • Technology Integration
  • Relationship Management
  • Communication and engagement

Underpinning the successful implementation of any proposed changes was the crucial need, in this instance, for us to first work with the leadership team to define the organisational culture that they wanted to shape and sustain operational success in the longer-term.

Once this was done the next step was to support the buy-in from those that would be responsible for implementing not only cultural change, but also the more pressing operational changes. This required structured, consistent and continuous engagement with all stakeholders to ensure they understood the rationale and benefits of the proposed changes.

Project Outcomes

The organisation has managed to successfully implement many of the proposed changes across the areas identified. There are clear plans as to how best to continue to support these changes. The establishment of a new corporate culture is ongoing and will take time to embed, but good progress is being made.


``Prospectus supported us through a time of unprecedented change for our organisation. Their structured approach and careful management of the change process contributed enormously to the successes achieved and provided us with a solid foundation to implement further changes in the future.``
Programme Lead

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