Dividing lines between the public and private sectors in healthcare are getting increasingly blurred. As Government adjusts its budgets and services models to suit leaner times, the opportunities for the private and public sectors to do business together is increasing all the time.

These services can range from supplying outsourced services or complementary services that are not provided in the public sector.

In addition, many organisations have underutilised assets which are not fit for purpose because of new healthcare standards and licensing requirements, and alternative uses can be found  for these assets. If not, perhaps they should be sold.

Our Services Focus On Value Creation

Our aim is to find opportunities for our clients in healthcare that will add real and tangible value to the parties involved.  We aim to find opportunities for clients that have similar strategic objectives and can leverage assets such as distribution channels, patient groups, specialised equipment, IP, scarce skills and competencies that can be put to better use.

We provide the following services:

  • Opportunity identification for new ventures
    We can help clients source new opportunities in healthcare.  There could be joint ventures between public and private providers, or finding new products and services to sell into the healthcare system. We also bring organisations together to pursue the development of new joint opportunities.
  • Develop The Business Case
    Given the opportunity, we can help build the business case for the parties involved. This would include the business opportunity, revenue and costs, organisation, legal considerations, ROI implications and guidance in raising capital required. We can also develop detailed implementation plans and project manage its implementation.
  • Asset Disposal and Acquisition
    We offer a full service to clients in the disposal/acquisition of specialised healthcare assets. These assets could range from nursing homes, hospitals, land etc. Our services include initial valuation of assets, market appetite for them and the best strategy to sell / acquire them.  We can bring all the professional services required to execute the sale.  These include, legal, PR and project management.

To deliver the above services we would leverage our extensive contacts across the healthcare spectrum. These include the DOH, HSE, private hospitals, voluntary service providers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.