NameEdel Fitzgerald


BA International (Economics and Italian), University College Dublin
MSc Management Consulting, University College Dublin

Areas of Expertise

  • Feasibility Studies and Business Case Development
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Governance Structures and Processes
  • Organisation Design and Change Management
  • Business Planning
  • Project Management
  • Evaluations and Value for Money Reviews

Key Achievements
Since joining Prospectus in 2005 I have delivered a range of strategy services to organisations across the health, social services, not for profit, and education and research sectors, including:

  • Exploring opportunities, conducting feasibility studies and developing business cases on behalf of private investors and developers
  • Development of strategies, business and implementation plans for hospitals, philanthropic, not for profit and educational organisations
  • Governance and organisation reviews across a range of public, private and not for profit organisations
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of performance

Case Studies

Title: Review of Structures and Workforce

Date: 2013

About the organsiation:

The Department of Health provides strategic leadership for the health service and ensures that Government policies are translated into actions and implemented effectively.

Project Description:

The workload of the Department has increased significantly, in particular as a result of the Programme for Government. This increase in workload has been accompanied with a considerable reduction in staff numbers, placing considerable upward pressure on the staffing and skillset requirements of the DoH.

The objective of our Review was to assess current structures and workforce, and make recommendations on improvements to staffing resources and configuration required to effectively implement the health reform programme for the period up to 2020.

Key learnings or insights from the project:

The DoH has undergone limited structural changes over the last 20 years. It has a traditional functional structure that does not lend itself naturally to an increasingly outcome driven / projectised workload. Through this project I gained a much greater understanding of the added value of moving from an output to an outcomes focus. The Review itself confirmed the importance of ‘form follows function’ and having absolute clarity on purpose and role to provide a solid foundation for organisation structures. A key challenge in any organisational change project like this comes from securing agreement to change and ensuring the right level of engagement from all individuals who are central to ensuring that durable change takes place.

Title: Review of Student Health Services

Date: 2012

About the organisation:

The Student Health Service provides on-campus medical, psychological and psychiatric care to registered students of the University.

Project Description:

Through consultation and desk research, key aspects of the service were assessed, including the patient profile, throughput, service provided, staffing, clinical governance, income and expenditure, policies, procedures and systems. The objective was to undertake an independent review to determine:
•    How it compared with best practice internationally
•    How well it was positioned to meet the challenges of a more demanding healthcare environment
•    Whether it was operating as efficiently as possible

Key Learning or Insights from the project:

The Student Health Service was facing a continually growing campus, student numbers and increasing demand for services; this was accompanied with increasing budget and resource constraints, in addition to a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, with implications in terms of operational and quality standards. In addition, there were a number of ‘legacy’ issues from earlier initiatives which impacted the tone and approach of the Review. It was important to strike an appropriate balance between a collaborative approach with staff of the service, and independent, informed objectivity.

Title: Strategy Development and Implementation

Date: 2010 – 2012

About the organisation:

The Rotunda Hospital provides provides a full range of services to approximately 9,000 women and their newborn babies annually, as well as women with gynaecological conditions and women and men suffering inffertility.

Project Description:

Led the development of a three year Hospital Strategy working with representatives from across the hospital from clinical and non clinical functions.

Subsequently provided ongoing support and advice to the Hospital working with management, clinicians and board members to address key strategic and operational isssues.

This included undertaking a detailed review of organisational structures; leading the development of a Research Strategy; and designing a performance appraisal system that would recognise the important contribution of all staff to the acheivement of the Hospital’s objectives.

Key Learning or Insights from the project:

The Rotunda operates in a very dynamic and rapidly changing environment. In developing its formal strategy it was important to make careful choices about what the Hospital would and would not do and to identify stretching, but achieveable time bound objectives. As an employer of over 700 staff the design of a performance development system that would recognise the contribution, and support the development of staff in the absence of financial rewards, initiative in placing the Hospital’s staff at the centre of the organisation.

Contact details

  • Mobile telephone: +353 86 785 2972
  • Direct: + 353 1 290 2809
  • Office: + 353 1 290 2800
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