The importance of utilising the right information about your organisation is greater than ever before.  Resources are limited and demand, coupled with competition, across all health and social care sectors is on the increase.

Value Through Transformation

We believe that information is not knowledge. Our Evidence-Informed Health & Social Care Process combines the rigorous collection, integration and analysis of health-related information with a range of practical techniques for interpreting and presenting data that will result in evidence-informed insights. Armed with this knowledge, health and social care providers, policy makers and supplier providers can then make informed decisions about what they should be doing,  how they should be doing it and most importantly – why they are doing it.

In our experience Evidence-Informed Health & Social Care can drive transformation in many ways, including:

  • Strategy Development – A successful organisation will put information at the core of its strategy and embed data analysis into its decision making. For data to serve its purpose, there must be a way to turn the information into actionable insights which will influence strategic direction and decisions.
  • Performance Improvement – It is almost impossible for any organisation to establish the performing and underperforming components of its business without the right information and analysis.  Evidence-Informed Health & Social Care facilitates this and is essential for  any organisation wanting to generate clinical and operational efficiencies and in so doing improve the sustainability of the organisation.
  • Clinical & Care Services – Having the right information in clinical and care settings is crucial for improving diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes for service users. By analysing and monitoring health trends and user data, providers can improve how services are configured and delivered  resulting in better care for service users and a more favourable working environment for staff.
  • Quality and Safety – Deeper understanding of service user needs undoubtedly leads to better outcomes. By adopting an Evidence-Informed Health & Social Care approach, organisations can also improve the quality of care by monitoring compliance with national quality and safety regulations and standards. Moreover, existing HIQA standards for care settings and imminent hospital licensing in Ireland will increase the necessity of proper data analysis given its pivotal role in  accreditation processes.
  • Market Access & Exit – Deciding which ‘markets’ to enter or exit, whether you are a healthcare service provider or a medical device company should be completely reliant upon sound market analysis and potential opportunity assessment. Without the right information and appropriate analysis, significant resources can easily be wasted.

With extensive experience in analysing, interpreting, health analytics and providing actionable insights based on health and social care, commercial and population data, Prospectus can help organisations that currently operate in the health and social care sector, and those examining the potential viability of providing services in the sector, to make more informed decisions on key strategic issues affecting your organisation.