We are living the age of Big Data (healthcare analytics).

This means that organisations can now use data for significant market advantages. The importance of applying healthcare analytics is greater than ever with modern healthcare organisations recognising the need for relevant data.

Value Through Transformation

Healthcare Analytics is the collection, integration, analysis and presentation of health related data using a range of techniques and tools. They can enable healthcare providers, policy makers and supplier providers to make informed decisions about health and social care services and products to save money and lives. Healthcare Analytics can drive transformation in respect to the following:

Strategy Development

A successful organisation will put data at the core of its strategy and embed data analysis into its decision making. For data to serve its purpose, there must be a way to turn the information into actionable insights which will influence strategic direction.

Performance Improvement

Healthcare Analytics can help organisations adhere to Government policy by providing insights to create clinical and operational efficiencies, and improving overall performance.

Clinical Services

Analytic processes in clinical settings can improve diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes for patients. And by analysing and monitoring health trends and patient data, providers can improve how services are configured to deliver better care for patients and a more favourable working environment for staff.

Quality And Safety

Deeper understanding of patient’s needs will lead to better clinical outcomes. Healthcare Analytics can also improve the quality of patient care by monitoring compliance with national quality and safety regulations and standards. The current development plans for hospital licensing in Ireland will increase the emphasis on data analysis as it will become part of the accreditation process.

Market Access

Successful medical device and pharmaceutical organisations view data analytics as a key driver for market access and research. Without data, significant investments in drug discovery and clinical trials would be wasted.

Safe In The Knowledge

The combination of limited resources, increasing demand, waiting lists, regulation and competition in the healthcare arena are certain to remain a key concern for organisations over the coming years. But data analytics can reduce the number of uncertainties and bring peace of mind to you and your stakeholders. With extensive experience in analysing, interpreting and providing actionable insights based on healthcare, commercial and population data, Prospectus can help healthcare providers and partners to make and improve decisions about key strategic issues affecting your organisation.