Health and social care organisations have been, and continue to be under resource pressure on a number of fronts in Ireland. We have seen funding for health service providers being reduced, demand has been increasing in most cases and heightened compliance and Governance requirements have meant challenging times for health and social care related organisations in recent years.

Providers in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors are having to ‘do more with less’ – treating a greater number of service users with less resources and in a more complex environment. Shifts in health policy, the move towards Hospital Groups, changes in funding mechanisms and the creation of a Universal Health Insurance system based on a ‘Money Follows the Patient’ principle will mean that organisations in this environment will need to be as lean and sustainable as possible moving forward.

sustainable development

How will we help?

We will focus on improving efficiencies within your organisation in order to streamline services and reduce costs. This covers all aspects of your organisation from operational delivery to back-office efficiencies to see how savings can be leveraged from procurement improvements, lean methods, continuous improvement programmes and shared services, alongside clinical efficiencies realised from process improvements, reducing average length of stay, Lean Six Sigma and pathway redesign amongst others.

What questions can we help you to answer?

  • Where are the areas that we can save money?
  • Can we be more efficient in how we operate?
  • What do we need to do to prepare our organisation for changes in resource allocation and changed market conditions?
  • How can we collaborate more effectively and create greater synergies with complementary organisations?
  • What are the gains to be made from improvements in our procurement approach?
  • Can shared services really save money and increase service provision?
  • How can I get my team to buy into a ‘Continuous Improvement Programme’?
  • How can Lean Six Sigma improvements provide savings and improve our quality standards?

Our Approach

We are flexible in the way that we help you to unearth and maximise organisational efficiencies in order to ensure sustainability. From one-off Board level events to full transformation diagnostics across the whole organisation, from awareness raising to full plan development, we can assist you. We work in a partnership style by engaging with a variety of stakeholders within the organisation, typically using this sustainable development approach: Sustainable Development

What are the benefits?

  • You will know where the opportunities are and how much you can save in terms of time and money
  • You will know how to set up a programme to drive efficiencies and continuous improvement
  • You can prove your progress towards increasing efficiency and sustainability to your stakeholders