NameJohn Crimmins

Title Managing Director

Qualifications Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) – Birkbeck College, London, Masters in Business Studies (MBS e-Commerce) – University College Dublin

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Governance Structures and Processes
  • Business Planning and implementation
  • Public Sector Policymaking and Review
  • Organisation Development and Change Management Support
  • Operational Review and Implementation
  • Project Management

Key Achievements
Since joining Prospectus in 2004 I have been involved in over 100 projects across the health, social care, public, private and non-profit sectors. Amongst these I have led the development of:

  • Strategies and implementation plans for numerous organisations, particularly major healthcare providers (Academic Teaching Hospitals and non-acute specialist providers).
  • Operational practices and sustainability for large mental health organisations, disability organisations, palliative care providers, national representative bodies etc.
  • Governance and organisational reviews across a range of public, private, non-profit, membership–based health and social care organisations.
  • Project-managed the sale of health and social care facilities including a large private hospital, nursing homes, greenfield sites etc in Ireland.

Case Studies

Title: Design and Development of a Voluntary Hospital Group

Date: 2011

About the organsiations:

Saint John of God Hospital is an independent acute psychiatric teaching hospital with 183 in-patient beds and is one of the leading European providers in mental health treatment and care.

Project Description:

The project involved analysing the external environment, internal operations, organisational structure, and each of the individual service lines. The purpose of the exercise was to clearly identify the services it should and should not be providing and set out how it should be structured to deliver these services in the future.

Key learnings or insights from the project:

As an independent Not-for-Profit healthcare provider St John of God Hospital operates in a very competitive market-driven environment. Just like every other business it must ensure its services provide a sufficient profit margin to sustain the organisation’s operations and future development. However, the strict application of these business imperatives can sometimes be difficult in a strongly value-driven health and social care setting.

Given this fact this project reminded me of the importance of appropriate data, rigorous analysis and clarity around decision-making if you intend challenging longstanding beliefs, approaches and the wider organisational norms.

Title: Governance Review

Date: 2012

About the organisation:

The Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) is the professional body for General Practitioners (GP’s) in Ireland. The College’s primary aim is to serve GP’s and their patients by encouraging and maintaining the highest standards of general medical practice. The ICGP is the representative organisation on education, training and standards in general practice.

Project Description:

This project involved a detailed review of the current governance structures and arrangements within the ICGP and in particular how its structures and processes might be changed to improve accountability and decision-making at director and senior management levels within the organisation.

Key Learning or Insights from the project:

As it is a membership-based organisation, it is governed by 56 elected representatives from the membership. Whilst all members are extremely knowledgeable on all matters relating to the development of GP education and service provision, not all would have the experience to properly discharge their fiduciary responsibilities as directors of the company. This meant establishing a more practical and functional Board in line with established good governance practice.

The challenge and insights came from securing agreement to such a change from amongst a large number of people who might consider this change would negatively impact on their individual and collective authorities. It is critical to understand that change will rarely be effective if it unilaterally imposed without engagement. This project confirmed the importance of spending time listening to concerns, including sensible amendments where ever possible; and then once a decision has been made the need to be dogged in getting the requisite result over the line!

Title: Strategy Review, Development & Sustainability Planning

Date: 2012

About the organisation:

The Centre for Effective Services (CES) is an organisation jointly-funded by Government and Philanthropy to further the linkages between research, policy and practice and to increase the prevalence of evidence-based practice in the children and young people’s sector.

Project Description

The project involved assessing CES’ first three years of activity and then applying the learnings to develop a new three-year strategy for the organisation. I also supported CES to develop a number of Key Performance Indicators to facilitate the monitoring of their strategy over the three-year period.

I supported the CES to develop a plan for its future sustainability identifying resource requirements and potential revenue sources to facilitate the implementation of the strategy.

Key Learning or Insights from the Project:

Through this project I gained a much greater understanding of the added value of adopting evidence-based approaches when planning and executing change in organisations. In my experience many management teams are impatient and want to get past the ‘thinking-bit’ to the ‘doing-bit’ as quickly as possible. For many, the thinking and analysis is unnecessary ‘navel-gazing’ when all they really want to do is confirm their previous decsions were correct. My work with CES reinforced my belief that time spent analysing previous decisions and information can be money in the bank as it allows more accurate prediction of future success.



  • Institute of Management Consultants & Advisers
  • Institute of Directors
  • The Ireland Funds (Board Member)
  • Irish French Chamber of Commerce
  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (Chair of Development Board)
  • WHO Irish Patients for Patient Safety Champions (Steering Committee Member)

Contact details

  • Mobile telephone: +353 86 052 0998
  • Direct: +353 86 052 0998
  • Office: + 353 1 290 2800
  • Email:
  • Fax: + 353 1 290 2899