NameNatasha Barnwall


QualificationsBachelor of Business Studies
MSc Management Consulting

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Philanthropy & Fundraising
  • Corporate Governance
  • Healthcare planning

Key Achievements
Since joining Prospectus in 2013 I have been involved in a number of projects, primarily in healthcare and lifesciences organisations. Amongst these I have:

  • Developed various strategic plans, implementation plans and associated risk registers for healthcare and non-profit organisations
  • Participated in the development of and documented governance reviews for healthcare and non-profit organisations.
  • Participated in providing ongoing strategic advice and implementation support
  • Been involved in evaluations of existing strategies and programmes.

Case Studies

Title: Strategy Development

Date: 2013

About the organsiation:

The role of the Foundation is to facilitate and attract private investment to support the work of the Hospital. In 2013, the Board of the Foundation decided there was an opportunity to build a Foundation of scale to support healthcare and healthcare research within its own Hospital and within its Hospital Group. The Foundation wanted to conduct a root and branch review of the current organisation and to look at what needed to be done to develop a Foundation with significantly greater scale and fundraising capacity.
The Strategic Plan was developed at a time of enormous change in the Irish health system, when the fundraising and philanthropic environment in Ireland and abroad was seen as increasingly competitive.

Project Description:

The project involved the development of a five-year strategic plan. The aim of the project and the Strategic Plan was for the Foundation to become a leading Hospital Foundation commensurate with its scale and position.

The project process involved a review of the environment in which the Foundation was operating and an assessment of the Foundation’s current position. Prospectus carried out a number of stakeholder consultations, high-level competitor analysis and a review of similar international organisations.

We supported the Foundation in deciding the future direction for the Foundation and facilitated the development of the Foundation’s Vision, Mission, Strategic Objectives, Strategic Actions, Key Performance Indicators and a high-level implementation plan.

My role in the project involved conducting desk research on the environmental context in Ireland and international models of hospital foundations, drafting all materials in advance of meetings and workshops, preparing for and conducting stakeholder consultation and drafting the full Strategic Plan and managing the editing process.

Key learnings from the project:

A clear process with defined milestones and clear communication of progress at all stages ensured the efficient and effective development of the Strategic Plan.

Conducting research and consulting with international Hospital Foundations proved particularly valuable part of this project. There were especially many key learnings from the work of Hospital Foundations in the United States where the philanthropic market is more advanced then it is here in Ireland.
My role in this project also highlighted the challenges Hospitals face in relation to funding in Ireland. It became clear from our work that certain Hospital Foundations are vital to the operation of some of Ireland’s leading Hospitals, but experience and practice on the ground varies enormously.

Title: Assisting the Forum with Strategic Direction and providing Executive Support Services

Date: 2013 – present

About the organisation:

The Forum is a collaborative initiative that brings together sixteen Voluntary healthcare providers and associated organisations from all over Ireland. The Forum provides a platform for Voluntary healthcare organisations to come together to discuss, develop and action necessary steps and initiatives to ensure fair and equitable access and participation for the Voluntary Not-for-Profit sector at national level.

Project Description:

Prospectus Management Consultants are supporting the Forum by providing Executive Support Services and assisting with the development of the Forum’s strategic direction. This involves project managing a comprehensive Work Programme, engaging with key stakeholders in the Irish health system and arranging and facilitating regular Forum meetings.

Key Learning or Insights from the project:

Due to the scale of change in the Irish Healthcare system in recent years, it is now as important than ever for healthcare organisations with common purposes and initiatives to collaborate and organsie themselves in an efficient way. Establishing this Forum has provided a means for Voluntary organisations to engage with each other on a strategic and operational issues. To date, there has been a positive response to the Forum by key stakeholders in the Irish health system and the benefits of collaboration are becoming increasingly apparent.

Contact details

  • Mobile telephone: +353 85 801 9941
  • Direct: + 353 1 290 2806
  • Office: + 353 1 290 2800
  • Email:
  • Fax: + 353 1 290 2899