Organisational Design

Whether your organisation is long-established or a relative newcomer experiencing growth, every organisation changes over time. We can help your organisation to succeed by ensuring your organisational structure is aligned with your strategic objectives to meet the demands of today’s market. We’ll help you to identify any gaps in your systems, processes or resources that are holding you back and work with you to develop pragmatic solutions to ensure your structure helps, rather than hinders, what you want to do.

Case Study: Organisational Design

Client: Large Healthcare Organisation


Our client, a large healthcare focused group with 11 locations and over 12,000 staff were in the process of a radical redesign of their business operations and services when an opportunity to earn a significant specialised designation was launched.

Prospectus were engaged to help establish how the group should be structured, and then how this might be communicated to the constituent parts of the group.

Prospectus worked with the Group Leadership Team to help them:

  • Confirm the Target Operating Model (TOM) for the Group
  • Consider and agree on a set of core “design principles” to underpin the new Group structure
  • Develop a range of “end state” options for assessment against the agreed design principles
  • Select a preferred structure and outline the operational requirements
  • Define the implementation plan and change requirements
  • Commence the engagement process with the constituent organisations to help them understand the new structure, reporting arrangements and the operational implications for them

Project Outcomes

The Group TOM is supported by the now implemented Group structure and has facilitated more integrated working arrangements across the individual organisations. This has directly resulted in them being able to leverage their respective strengths in a more cohesive manner.


``Prospectus’ work with us enabled us to think and act more like a group. This has allowed us to compete far more efficiently and effectively.``
Group CEO

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