Rotunda Hospital HIQA Report & Board Review

Prospectus was commissioned by the Board of the Rotunda Hospital to carry out a Gap Analysis of where the Hospital stood against the HIQA Report on AMNCH and to draw up an implementation plan to help mitigate any risks identified as part of the Gap Analysis process.  To complete this Prospectus engaged in depth consultation with Hospital staff on both the Gap Analysis and Implementation Plan. Prospectus was also commissioned to carry out a review of the performance of the Board of the Hospital, which it did by engaging extensively with the Board and a detailed review of all Board documentation. The final outputs were a HIQA Report Gap Analysis, HIQA Report Implementation Plan, and a Board Review.

Better Performance, Better Outcomes, through Operations Consulting

Prospectus supported the Rotunda Hospital in undertaking an in depth review of their post natal services.  The objectives of the review were to research the changing environment on how postnatal care is delivered and explore opportunities for enhancing postnatal care. This was done by: reviewing current practices on postnatal wards, reviewing Irish and International good practice in postnatal care and benchmarking current practices against good practice, identifying areas of improvement, and devising a plan for implementing change and variance records.

Increasing Sustainability

Prospectus facilitated a three-year strategic planning process working with clinical and non-clinical functions across the Hospital.  Prospectus subsequently supported the Rotunda in developing a full implementation plan for the rollout of the Strategy.