Whole Health System Consulting

In the increasingly challenging economic environment, collaborative working between health and social care organisations is essential to achieve a sustainable health system, both in financial terms and to deliver effective patient and user outcomes rooted in quality and safety. Demographics, technological advances and increasing patient choice are powerful drivers that demand a re-appraisal of how services are delivered, in what care setting and to what cost. Combined with the resource challenge of reduced healthcare spend, it means existing health system structures are unlikely to be fit for purpose. To achieve significant cost savings, effective pathway redesign and truly integrated services, reform of the local health system and greater partnership working is needed. The key challenge now facing all Primary Care Teams, Community Providers and Acute Hospitals is to work together (and with other partners such as local authorities and the voluntary sector) to define, establish and then implement whole health system transformation that delivers the necessary financial savings, whilst meeting the respective needs of the local population.

Our Approach

Prospectus has the breadth of skills and corporate experience required for such holistic and transformational work. We tailor our approach to meet the challenges and opportunities within each health micro-system. We will work with you to:

  • Align strategy to ensure the aspirations and plans of the various stakeholders are analysed for synergy and gaps, and a single system-wide strategy is developed and owned by all stakeholders.
  • Programme and plan change using proven programme and project management tools to construct a coherent road-map, where roles, responsibilities and outcomes are clear and effectively managed.
  • Implement changes to processes, practices and systems by enhancing your existing business processes and management structures, through application of lean-based thinking, to enable optimum delivery, without over-bureacracy
  • Realise benefits by quantifying the desired behaviours, agreeing benefit owners and applying rigorous benefit tracking to ensure that the delivery of plans translates into tangible and evidenced financial gain.
Health System

Health System

How We Support Our Clients

  • By producing a strong operational vision that all stakeholders in the health system ‘buy into’ 
  • By producing coherent and compelling business cases and supporting project documentation for the case for change
  • Developing teams from across the health system, that have the confidence and capability you can trust to deliver

We have extensive experience of working across all stakeholder groups in the health system to implement whole health system transformation.