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Prospectus are always looking for good people to join our team. So whether you are new to consulting or an experienced consultant we are interested in talking to you if you can tick ALL of the following boxes:

✓ You’re bright.
✓ You’ve no interest in just being a small cog in a large consulting wheel.
✓ You are an independent thinker and are not afraid to voice unpopular opinions when needs be.
✓ You can manage multiple and varied competing demands without someone having to hold your hand along every step of the way.
✓ You like learning by doing.
✓ You are commercial and entrepreneurial to your core.
✓ You are clear on how you can add to the growth of Prospectus.
✓ You are committed to making a social difference!

We are open to discussing all types of working relationships such as permanent, contract, full‑time, part‑time, remote etc.

So, if we are describing you then contact us by emailing

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