Sustainable Corporate Strategy Development

Prospectus has developed a new approach to corporate strategy development that focuses on aligning the commercial objectives of your organisation with the delivery of one or more of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is important to note the priority is to deliver commercial benefit to your company first and foremost.

Prospectus’ “6 I’s” SCS process combines 30 years of corporate strategy development experience with more than 15 years social impact expertise. The uniqueness of the process is built into each of the six stages with customised applications and processes including our online diagnostic tool, Sustainable Impact Index (SII) that will allow your company to measure and benchmark how sustainably aware and prepared your staff are now so that progress can be tracked on a systematic basis.

It is important to note we do not pretend to know your business or sector better than you do, our role is to bring a rigorous process, objective challenge and facilitate your team to develop your own strategy. Our staff are expert in corporate strategy development, social impact analysis,  and the SDGs, but both they and the process are sector neutral.

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