Sustainability Business Value Framework

Prospectus’ Sustainability Business Value Framework (SBVF) provides a clear methodology to support the implementation of your strategy. It also allows companies to focus on how sustainability can positively shape and impact all aspects of your business.

Customer insights
Your business depends on your ability to continually meet evolving customer needs. Using targeted analytics, we can help you to see what’s coming next and how sustainable decision-making affects your customers’ thinking and buying patterns.
Knowing that you need to do something is one thing, knowing what to do, how to do it, and what impact it will have, is completely different! Prospectus’ Innovation Capability Maturity Framework maximises your chances of innovative success.
Service product delivery
Working out how you will get your product or service to your customers in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner is crucial for business success. This can involve focusing on technology, logistics, or simple tweaks to existing processes.
Getting your message out there and distinguishing yourself in the marketplace is key to the success of any business. Prospectus can help you to identify key messages and the most effective channels of engagement to maximise your chances of success.
Where “rubber meets the road” for any business. Despite research telling us that over 40% of consumers will pay a premium for sustainable products, this means a high percentage will not and so aligning your sales strategy with customer habits is key.
Customer use
How your product/service impacts on consumers and ultimately wider society should be a key concern for any business. Prospectus’ outcome-focus means we look beyond simple outputs and instead consider what difference your product or service will have.

What does the SBVF do:

  • It provides organisations with a structured means of ensuring sustainability remains at the heart of every aspect of your business.
  • It increases awareness of the shared value that sustainability can generate for all of your stakeholders.
  • It can help ensure your business is aligned and compliant with relevant national and EU sustainability regulations.